Don't Let Your Kitchen Appliances Gobble Up Energy This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an excellent time of year to bring family together for a great meal. What this means is lots of time in the kitchen cooking the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Energy costs in the kitchen can add up during the busy holiday season. Therefore, you may be on the lookout for a way to keep the energy bills low while fixing this feast. Here are ways to cut back on unnecessary energy usage while cooking a meal to remember.

Don't Pre-Heat or Peek in the Oven

If your recipe calls for a baking time longer than an hour, preheating the oven is not always necessary. Moreover, when you are baking something yummy in the oven, it is tempting to open the oven door frequently to peek at the dish. This is not a good idea. Since the hot air in the oven is a significant part the cooking process, regular peeking will only prolong the baking time of your dish. If you want to check on your dish, you can still do this. Just turn on the oven light and look through the oven window.

Bake with Glass or Ceramic

If you bake in a glass or ceramic dish, you can turn your oven for 25 degrees lower than what the recipe calls for. Since glass and ceramic hold heat much better than metal pans, your dish will cook equally well at this lower temperature.

Shine Your Reflectors

Cleaning those shiny metal reflectors underneath the burners on an electrical stovetop is no fun. However, your stovetop will work most efficiently if it is significantly free of filth and grime. If you have temporary metal reflectors, you may choose to replace rather than clean them. Prepare the reflectors before Thanksgiving so that your stovetop will work at an optimum level.

Do Not Ignore Your Crock Pot

Even though your oven will be the shining star on Thanksgiving Day, you have other appliances waiting in the wings. If you think outside the box, you may reap energy savings by using your microwave, toaster oven, or heating plate. Think of dishes that you could prepare in these other appliances. It may end up saving you time in addition to energy.

Conserving energy in the kitchen is a custom you need to practice all year long, not simply on Thanksgiving. If you do so, you will observe your electricity bills drop as you use less energy. That will definitely something to be thankful for this holiday season. (For information on appliance repair services, contact a company such as Ace Appliance Service)