How To Install A Doorbell System Yourself

Completing any type of electrical project can be confusing and dangerous. If you are looking into installing your own doorbell, you are in luck. This project is fairly easy and can be done by most do-it-yourselfers. Here, you will learn how to install your own doorbell.

To install your doorbell you will need:

  • the new doorbell system set
  • screw driver
  • wire stripper
  • 18-guage wire
  • wire nuts

Step 1: Find a Nearby Junction Box

You will need a junction box to tie the doorbell wiring to. In most cases, you can find one in the attic, basement, crawl space or in the walls. If you have the electrical plan to your home, look for small squares marked with the letter "J" and you will find each junction box in the home.

If you do not have the electrical plans, you will have to follow the wiring through your attic, basement or crawl space until you find one. Junction boxes are typically 5 inches square and 1 inch deep.

Step 2: Connect the Wiring

Cut the power to the junction box that you are working with. If you are unsure of which breaker powers the box, turn off the power to the entire home to prevent accidental electrocution.

Connect the low-voltage transformer that is included in the doorbell kit. Connect the black wire to the screw labeled "hot screw" and the white wire to the screw labeled "neutral screw."

Run the wiring through the walls to the area where you are installing the doorbell. Drill a hole in the wall and pull the wiring through the wall. Trim the wire so that it is long enough to connect to the doorbell.

Connect the black wire to the "hot screw" on the doorbell system and the remaining two wires to the other two screws on the system.

Step 3: Finish the Project

Screw the doorbell box onto the wall using the provided hardware and instructions.

Install the doorbell button to the exterior of the home using the instructions and screws that were packaged with it. Be sure that it is positioned at a height that is appropriate for any guest that may visit you.

Restore the power, test the system and enjoy!

Installing a doorbell system is fairly easy, but if you do not have the time, or don't want to chance working with electricity, contact an electrician, like those from Zapp Electric, to have it installed for you the right way the first time.