3 Ways To Improve Your Washing Machine

Is your washing machine operating poorly? If so, this could be caused by lack of maintenance. Simple maintenance care and cleaning services can help prevent major and costly damages to your washing machine and can save you from the hassle of being without a working washing machine. So, to keep your washing machine in top condition, you will want to perform routine services such as:

Inspecting the Hoses

If your washer receives a lack of water in a cycle, this can prevent your clothes from receiving a thorough wash. Lack of water can likely be caused by a loose hose located behind your washing machine, toward the bottom of the unit. This hose is usually held in place by a metal o'ring, which can sometimes become loose and lead to lack of water entering into the washing machine. You will be able to tighten the o'ring onto the hose with a wrench, which will allow the hose to be 100% sealed shut so your washer can obtain the proper water flow when you perform a wash cycle.

Cleaning The Soap Dispenser

Are you using powder laundry detergent? Then your clothes may not be exposed to the proper amount of soap during a wash cycle, because over time the powder soap can become stuck in the dispenser as the soap will clump up over time if you fail to clean it out. If you are experiencing this issue then no need to worry. You will likely be able to simply pull out the soap dispenser without any tools and give it a good rinse under your kitchen sink. This will clear out any blockage the dispenser unit had so you can once again feed the proper amount of soap into your washing machine when running a cycle.

Clean The Actual Washing Unit

Over time the inside of your washing machine can smell unpleasant, as you have probably been putting in a lot of bad smelling clothing items and not washing your machine. Failing to wash your washing unit can cause your machine to create mold and odor buildup, which can make your clothes smell bad, even after a wash. A quick solution you can do at home is to let hot water run into the machine and poor a small amount of white vinegar into the machine. Let it sit for a few hours and before you let the water out, scrub the sides and run the machine on a full cycle. Once this has been completed, you will likely see a much better cleaning performance from your washing machine.

By performing these maintenance and cleaning services, you will be able to ensure your washing machine performs efficiently each time that you go to turn it on and run a cycle. So, be sure to perform these services often and you will likely see a big improvement in your washers performance immediately. If you need professional assistance, call a company like Caesar's Appliance Service.