Building Your Home Spa: Custom Shower Door Options

There was a time when a bathroom was thought of as a purely functional room in a house. Designers who take this approach tend to cram bathroom fixtures into a small space. While a bathroom designed in this way should have all of the function of a larger bathroom, it will not be as aesthetically pleasing or as nice to use. Creating a bathroom that melds aesthetics and function can yield a home spa, a place that will help you to decompress from a hard day. Personalized touches like custom shower doors will help to make the bathroom a truly unique space. 

Types Of Glass to Be Used in a Door

When you choose a shower door for your bathroom, it helps to know what your options are. There are several types of glass that can be used in a bathroom, and each type will affect the look of your bathroom in specific ways:

1. Mirror Glass—Bathrooms are often used for getting ready, and having more than one mirror in your bathroom will help you to get a better idea of how an outfit looks. A mirror can also help to make a bathroom look larger than it is.

2. Frosted Glass—Mirrors are functional, but they are not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. If you would like to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, a nice frosted glass door can help. The surface of a frosted mirror will be exposed to acid to give the mirror a rough, relatively opaque finish. 

3. Clear Glass—Showers tend to be small and constraining. If you want your shower to feel larger, you can use clear glass, which will blur the delineation between shower and the rest of your bathroom. The one problem with clear glass is that it does not provide much privacy for anyone using the shower.

Further Customization

Carefully selecting your glass will help to set your bathroom apart from other homes, but if you want a truly unique look, you can choose to buy a shower door with a custom design etched right into the door. You could have a family crest, an animal, a botanical theme, or pretty much any other design you can think of etched right into your door. This should truly make your door a one of a kind.

As you design a home spa, every component of your bathroom space should work together to create a place of refuge and solace. A custom shower can and should be a key component of your design. Just make sure that whatever door you choose complements the overall theme for your bathroom.