Questions About Common Plumbing Issues Your Home May Encounter

Your home's plumbing fixtures are essential devices for both the comfort and functionality of your home. However, it is not uncommon for your faucets to experience numerous problems over the life of the home, but many new homeowners may not have much experience addressing these issues. After learning the answers to these two common questions, you will have a stronger understanding of how leaky faucets are corrected and prevented. 

Do Leaky Faucets Always Have To Be Replaced?

When you notice that your faucets are leaking, you may think that the entire fixture will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, it is extremely expensive to replace faucets, but minor leaking can usually be corrected without having to do this. Damaged seals are a common cause of leaking, and they are an unavoidable part of owning a faucet. 

The exact steps needed to replace the seals will be different depending on the design of your sink. To learn how to perform this routine repair, you will need to consult with the owner's manual for your sink. This booklet will contain a detailed schematic of the fixture, and it will detail the various types of maintenance that may be required by the device. 

Can Hard Water Damage Plumbing Fixtures?

Sadly, many people do not realize that the type of water they have can have a profound effect on the condition of their plumbing. In particular, hard water contains far higher concentrations of minerals than soft water. Over time, these minerals can accumulate around and on these seals. This has the effect of hardening the seals which will make them far more likely to crack or break. 

Luckily, hard water is not something that your home has to endure. It is possible to attach a water softener to the home's primary water line, and this will remove these minerals before they are able to make it into your home. In addition to extending the life of your faucets' seals, this upgrade will also prevent mineral deposits from causing major clogs to form. While this upgrade may seem excessive, the benefits can more than pay for itself over the years. 

Your home's plumbing system is more than just a network of pipes. It is essential for every faucet to have numerous seals in place to prevent leaks from wasting water and causing damage. By learning the answers to these common questions, new homeowners will be better able to ensure their homes avoid these common issues.