Tips For Adding Usable Space To Your Kitchen

So, you're planning a home addition, and you'd like to add space to your kitchen. The kitchen is one of those rooms in which added spaces makes a discernible difference to your workflow. While planning the design of your new kitchen with your contractor, like one from Bob Carroll Building Contractor, add space that will benefit your current food-related habits.

General Layout

All the space in the world won't benefit you if you don't have a convenient layout. Start by observing your current kitchen habits, such as food preparation, dining and even planning. Run through some of your tasks, and note what you're wishing for while in the middle of it.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests including an island with a cook top in your design. By placing the cook top in a central location, all cooking-related tasks are never far from the range. Have downdraft ventilation installed for this kitchen layout.

Pantry Ideas

Along with increased work space, adding on to your kitchen opens up storage opportunities. A pantry keeps all your cooking essentials at hand. There are numerous ideas for how to style your pantry:

  • Butler's pantry: If you have the space, a small room off to the side of the kitchen provides plentiful storage space and can even increase your work space. When designing a butler's pantry, plan for shelves and cabinets that automatically organize your storage.
  • Tall cabinets: Choose tall cabinets if you have a lot of wall space. Have the shelves installed at different heights to accommodate everything from cans to cereal boxes.
  • Pull-out pantry: If you have a deep, narrow space, perhaps by an appliance, consider a pull-out pantry. The pull-out pantry is a tall, narrow shelf on runners.
  • Recessed pantry: Keep your pantry a subtle addition to the kitchen by having it built into the wall. The pantry doors lie flat to the wall, so they don't take up any of your work space.

Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook provides a lovely space for casual dining. It can even increase your storage. For the most pleasing results, plan a breakfast nook next to a large window, preferably a bay window. Have banquet seating built into the space – the inside of the benches provides the additional storage space. Place a small table near the bench. Either set the table with an additional chair or two, or keep the design open for intimate breakfasts in the sunshine.

As you plan to add to your home, give a long look at your kitchen design. Consider how increased space can benefit your current lifestyle. Talk to your local contractors about the most useful design for your space, such as adding a pantry or breakfast nook – or both.