Give The Gift Of A Bathroom Remodel This Holiday Season

Are you looking for a memorable and remarkable gift for that special someone this Christmas? Have you considered gifting that person with a lovely remodel of their bathroom? There are lots of people who are dissatisfied with their bathrooms, and would be thrilled to get a shiny new one as a present. Having a new bathroom makes a house seem more luxurious, and typically makes the owner feel more satisfied with their home. If you are ambitious and plan the remodel with the gift recipient ahead of time, you can really make that person's Christmas a special one. Here are three tips for turning any old bathroom into a luxurious new one for less money than you imagine.

1. Add a New Bathtub

One of the easiest ways to make a bathroom seem new and more luxurious is to add a new bathtub. It shouldn't be just any tub, though. Look for extra deep tubs with jets. They give the impression of soaking in a hot tub without actually having to spend the thousands of dollars (and creating the extra outdoor space) to get a real one.

Most people love to take long, hot soaking baths. An extra deep tub with jets makes the experience more satisfying and therapeutic. The bathroom instantly becomes a sanctuary with this type of tub. Plus, you can get a pre-made one that installs quickly and easily, instantly updating the look of the whole room.

2. Replace the Tiles

Tile can start to look grungy pretty quickly in a bathroom. It is, after all, a highly trafficked area. Pulling up old floor tile and replacing it with new porcelain tile will make the bathroom look brand new. The good thing about using porcelain tile is that it is stain resistant. This means it will look shiny and new for years to come, with only minor regular cleaning required. Talk to your local tile experts, such as Atwood Floor and Tile, for more information.

3. Get a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are very popular in modern decorating. You can get a used one very inexpensively, and even the new ones don't cost that much. They are also easy for even non-professionals to install.

With a pedestal sink, the bathroom will look more modern, as well as more spacious. You instantly add more usable space to a bathroom with a pedestal sink. Just a plain white one with bright metal hardware is all you need.


Whether you're upgrading the bathroom in your own home as a gift to your spouse, or doing it for a loved on in a different house, it will be a welcome present. Unless someone has just had their bathroom remodeled, there are very few people who won't appreciate getting a freshly remodeled bathroom as a gift for any occasion, be it Christmas or some other holiday. Get started on making plans for your bathroom remodeling gift today, and ensure your loved one has the most memorable Christmas in ages.