5 Basic Tools Are The Perfect Gift

Is a loved one or family friend graduating from college or buying their first home? There are a lot of items on the wish lists of people just starting out on their own independent lives, but no gift will serve them better or longer than a sturdy set of quality tools. From basic auto maintenance to a little DIY home improvement work, everyone needs these five items.


A good toolbox is an essential for every young person, even if they don't have quit enough tools to fill it yet. When buying a toolbox, look for something made of either metal or thick, sturdy plastic--a toolbox needs to be able to take a beating. Pay close attention to the latch, the part of the toolbox that's most likely to break. A great box should have plenty of room to store larger items like a hammer and a hacksaw.


From hanging art on the walls to banging together some "assembly required" furniture, a hammer is a must-have in every home. Aim for a mid-sized hammer with fashioned from a single piece of metal--hammers assembled from a separate head and handle are much more likely to break after repeated use.

Multi-bit Screwdriver

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that last screw is a Phillip's head when all you have is a flat blade screwdriver. Help the young person in your life avoid this problem with a convenient multi-bit screwdriver. The best versions come with bits made of durable composite metals in a variety of shapes and sizes. With a little luck, it may be the only screwdriver they ever need.


Anyone with a yard needs a hacksaw. From clearing small brush to cleaning up after a heavy windstorm, a hacksaw is an indispensable and convenient item. Unlike axes, they don't take up much space and they don't require much strength to wield effectively. Choose one with a good grip on the handle to avoid blisters. The best hacksaws have replaceable blades so your loved one can always keep it sharp.

Duct Tape

When in doubt, use duct tape. The sturdy plastic tape with extra strength adhesive is an acceptable temporary solution for almost every problem that crops up around the home. From leaky pipes to exposed wire to holes in shoes, duct tape is the perfect product for an on-the-go young professional who just needs to make it to the weekend.

Give a gift that will keep on giving. A toolbox and a handful of trusty tools, like those from Bourget Bros Building Materials, will help the young person in your life gain their independence, so start shopping today!