Benefits of an Indirect Hot Water Heater

Indirect water heaters are a type of water heater that is overlooked even though homeowners are looking for a more efficient way to heat the water in their home. Homeowners have so many different options when it comes to hot water heaters: oil fired, electric, tankless, and storage. It's no wonder that the indirect water heater gets skipped over. However, an indirect water heater is a unique system that may offer just what you need.

How Does an Indirect Water Heater Work?

The indirect water heater operates with the help of your home's boiler. The hot water heater and the boiler are connected with pipes that allow the water to move between the heater and the boiler. A traditional hot water heater has its own heat source to generate energy and warm water directly.

Why Should You Choose an Indirect Hot Water Heater?


One of the main benefits of an indirect hot water heater is that they usually last longer than traditional hot water heaters. Since the indirect hot water heater doesn't have a heating element that could damage the tank or wear out, the two main maintenance and repair problems with traditional hot water heaters are eliminated. Removing this heating element means less maintenance and more years of use.


When you are selecting a hot water heater, efficiency is one of the most important things. You want a hot water heater that will deliver and adequate amount of hot water without costing you a lot of money in terms of energy each month. The indirect hot water heater is a good choice for this because it uses an energy source that you will be running anyway: your boiler.

When you use an indirect hot water heater, the water is heated by the boiler that you are already running. So, while it may run longer or more often, you won't see a drastic increase in energy bills.

More importantly, you won't run out of hot water as much as you do with a traditional tank. The  boiler makes a great heating source for your hot water heater and is able to heat up more water more quickly than a traditional hot water heater can because of the boiler's size.

Even though the indirect hot water heater is not one of the most popular systems in terms of hot water heaters, it is a great choice for most homeowners. Consider all of the benefits this type of system could bring to your home and choose one that you will enjoy.  For more information talk to a professional like Two Men And A Snake.