How To Maintain Your Impact Windows

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, your best chance of not having your home damaged is to purchase impact windows. For the impact windows to achieve their goal, they must receive regular preventative maintenance.

Avoid Using Sharp Objects When Cleaning

Don't use razors, abrasive pads or putty knives when cleaning the window. Scrapers will cause windows to scratch, which can gradually reduce the structural integrity of the windows. Also, metal parts of cleaning equipment can come in contact with glass if you are not careful.

Don't Use the Wrong Cleaning Chemicals

Certain products should never be used on impact windows. This includes abrasive and caustic cleaners, solvents and petroleum-based cleaners. Do not use oil-based lubricants.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

Like anything else, impact-resistant windows are vulnerable to the corrosive chemicals that can be found in dirt and grease. These chemicals can wear away at the window overtime, so the window should never go longer than a year without being cleaned. 

Clean the Glass

Do not try cleaning the window until you have removed the excess dirt and debris. Otherwise, you risk scratching or damaging the window. Before you begin cleaning, soak the glass with a cleaning chemical so that the dirt will be loosened and will be easier to remove. Use a soft rag to wipe away the loosened dirt by making circular motions as you press the rag against the glass. After you have finished cleaning the glass, use a squeegee to remove all of the leftover cleaning residue.  

Wash the Frame

The frame must also be cared for to reduce corrosion. Dip a rag into a mixture of soap and water to wipe the frames down. Then, use a soft towel to dry the frame completely.

Care for Mechanical Parts

Impact windows often come with moving parts that allow them to slide or swing open and closed. The small moving parts may need to be removed and lubricated so that they do not become worn down during their normal use. Weep holes and sills might accumulate debris overtime, so clean them so the impact windows do not become damaged when opening and closing them.

Impact windows are the most vulnerable in coastal areas because the higher level of salinity can cause salt to build up on the glass. This can scar the glass, making it less aesthetically appealing, and can also reduce the structural integrity of it. Regularly inspect the impact windows and clean them whenever you notice a buildup of dirt or sand. If you need help cleaning your windows, contact a professional window cleaning company, like Storm Shield LLC.