Attractive Wood Flooring Ideas For The Living Room

Hardwood floors are a luxurious and long-lasting option for any room. Certainly wood flooring is something you'd want to showcase in a living room for guests to admire. Depending on the stain, plank width and the wood itself, hardwood flooring can complement any décor. When considering wood flooring options, Better Homes and Gardens recommends solid wood because they hold their value over time.

Traditional Living Room

If your home is traditional or historic, a standard oak wood floor with honey-toned staining is a good option. This is the classic for hardwood floors and what you'll typically find in old homes. Such a floor is also a perfect neutral in that any furniture style matches. For example, such a floor looks attractive with a formal living room set or with an eclectic blend of vintage pieces. Either way, consider an area rug to add coziness to the area.

Contemporary Living Room

If your living room is modern style, consider a wood floor with wide planks. The wide planks enhance the geometry characteristic of contemporary design. Likewise, dark staining offers a bold profile for your modern living room. When arranging the room, try to maintain the geometric look by placing pieces parallel to the walls and to each other.

Asian-Inspired Living Room

Asian design is very similar to modern style in that it's minimalistic. However, Asian style strives for a Zen feel. If you want a soothing ambiance in your living room, consider a light-colored wood floor. In fact, bamboo is a likely option. Bamboo is a sustainable material because of the rapid re-growth of the grass. The flooring offers a manila-hued profile that blends well with Asian design. Geometry is an important design principal here, too, though you may want to consult the principals of Feng Shui before settling on a living room layout.

Rustic Living Room

For a living room with country charm, your hardwood floor should look well-loved even when it's brand new. One option is to select a hardwood such as hickory with a light chestnut stain. The heavy texture of the hickory lends the floor a rustic appearance. Alternatively, opt for reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood typically comes from old barns and other decommissioned structures. Therefore the wood actually is antique. A reclaimed wood floor complements the antique feel of a rustic living room.

Creative Living Room

If you fancy flea market finds or like displaying exotic art from your travels, your living room flooring should reflect that style. Contractors have numerous options for designing artistic hardwood floors. For example, they can set wood "tiles" in alternating colors like a checkerboard. They can design borders with inlaid wood in contrasting tones. They can even change the plank shapes to resemble puzzle pieces or some other design. Talk to your contractors about your artistic ideas for the living room to find out all the options.

A hardwood floor is sturdy enough to match the age of your house – and beautiful enough that you want the floor to last that long. For more information, contact Thayer Decorating Center or a similar company.