Getting A New Refrigerator? What You Can Do With The Old One

If you are getting a new refrigerator, don't just throw the old one away into a landfill. Instead, you can use it for many things. Follow the tips below and you can continue enjoying your old refrigerator or someone else can.

Repair and Donate It

Consider donating your refrigerator so someone else can use it. Because you are getting a new one, it may not be working properly. Hire a refrigerator repair person to look at it for you. It may be something very easy to fix.

If the refrigerator was not cooling properly, it could be that the compressor needs to be replaced. This is something you may be able to do on your own or ask the repair person to do the compressor replacement for you.

If the refrigerator is noisy, it could be the evaporator fan motor that is located in the freezer, usually in the bottom.

If the ice maker is not making any ice, it could be a problem with the water inlet valve or the water fill tubes. These are just a few problems the refrigerator could be having.

Upcycle It

There are many ways you can upcycle your refrigerator to keep from throwing it away. Remove the doors and clean it out well. Keep the shelving in the refrigerator, and move it to your garage or pantry and use it for storage. It is a great place to store things like canned goods, boxed foods, or tools in your garage. You could even put it in another area of your house and use it as a bookshelf. You could always paint it and put designs on it, if you prefer.

You could also turn the old refrigerator into an ice chest. You could then take it with you camping or use it in your garage to keep drinks and food cold.

If you love to garden, you can use the refrigerator as a flower container. Remove everything from inside of it, and place it on its side. Remove the lid, and paint the refrigerator any color you like. You could even put flower designs on it. Drill a few drain holes along the bottom of it, fill it with gardening soil, and plant flowers.

If your refrigerator is too expensive to fix, and you do not want to upcycle it, take it to a recycling center that takes old appliances. You could also ask the person that brings your new refrigerator to your home if they can do this for you.