Marble 101: 4 DIY Cleaning Tips

Marble is a beautiful option for countertops and flooring. It comes in many colors and gives a beautiful depth to any home. Unfortunately, it is a stone surface that is quite vulnerable. Without regular cleaning and upkeep, it can quickly discolor or deteriorate. Fortunately, it isn't hard to keep your marble in pristine condition. If you have marble in your home, just follow these four cleaning tips:

1. Blot Spills Immediately

If you have marble countertops, make sure that you blot up any spills immediately. Since all liquids can cause the marble to discolor, it is important you work quickly to clean up spills. So any time something is spilled, use a paper towel or a dry cloth to quickly clean it up.

2. Use Soft Products

When cleaning your marble surfaces, make sure you use something soft. Hard or abrasive products, like steel wool or sponges, can quickly lead to scratches. While they might not be noticeable at first, they can become quite an eyesore later on. So when cleaning, make sure you use a cloth that is soft and preferably lint-free.

3. Use Coasters, Trays, and Rugs

Another easy way to help your marble stay in good condition is to use coasters. Any time you drink something, be sure to put a coaster down. This will prevent staining, as well as rings. It will also ensure that the stone remains beautifully polished.

Additionally, you should use a tray in your bathroom if your countertops are marble. A lot of toiletry products contain chemicals that can easily stain, discolor, or dull marble. So instead of placing your bathroom products directly on the counter, use a tray.

If you have marble floors, you should also have a rug near the door. When people enter your home, they should remove their shoes and leave them on the rug. This will help keep your floors from collecting dirt and debris—and they won't become dull or dingy.

4. Avoid Strong Chemicals

Finally, make sure you avoid strong chemicals when cleaning your marble. When you clean your marble surfaces, you should use a cleaner that is designed for marble. Anything else can cause the marble to discolor, erode, or scratch. So avoid all harsh cleaners such as vinegar and ammonia.

While maintaining your marble surfaces might seem difficult, it doesn't have to be. By being proactive and working quickly, you can easily keep your marble surfaces looking as good as new. Just remember, you should periodically hire specialists for professional marble cleaning for in-depth cleanings to ensure that it stays beautiful and polished for many years to come.