Beautiful Options For Finishing Your Inground Pool

An inground pool is a luxury. Not only does it afford you a relaxing retreat, but a swimming pool should add value to your home. Pool design has far outpaced the simple blue rectangle in your backyard. Contractors are creating a whole resort feel with landscaping, add-ons and the finish. As you plan your new inground pool or an update on the existing one, decide on an interior finish that best fits your design.

Colored Plaster

The most common finish for an interior pool is plaster. As SF Gate points out, pool plaster is a simple mix of cement and either quartz sand, marble dust, or limestone. While the finish is traditionally white, contractors can also mix in colored pigments or dyes. A white finish reflects light and traditionally looks blue. Gray dyes can add depth to the blue, while darker colored pigments make the pool more reflective. Such a finish is ideal if your pool is surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Specialty Plaster

One of the later inventions in plastering pools comes in aggregate finishing. With this type of finish, contractors mix the plaster with small items, either pebbles or beads.

With a pebble finish, the contractors mix tiny pebbles into a resin. They use this to coat the inside of the pool. The result is a naturalistic, pebbled appearance. A pebble finish is ideal for lagoon or other natural-style pools.

A bead finish pool starts with the same premise as pebble in that contractors mix small glass beads into the polymer resin. You get the same speckled finish as with pebbles but with the shimmer of glass. Bead finishes come in several colorations, including deep blues and green-browns. As a bonus, the bead finish is easier on the feet. Bead finishes look beautiful with modern pools.

Polished Aggregate

Another version of specialty plaster is the polished aggregate finish. With this material, contractors start with the pebble mix, usually adding marble, granite, or quartz to the resin. They apply the plaster by hand then polish it to create a beautiful luster. The speckled finish reflects color variations as you view it through the water. This type of finish works well with traditional pool design.

Glass Tile

If you really want your pool finish to shimmer, glass tile may be the way to go. Instead of mixing glass beads with resin, contractors lay larger tiles made out of glass. They can create designs and patterns, or lay a classic mosaic of blues and greens. You have more color and pattern options with glass tiles. However, it's also one of the most expensive pool finish options.

Whether going with plaster or tile, choose a finish that best complements your overall pool retreat. Contact a company like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. once you've made your choice.