Tips For Managing Concrete Washout

If you have recently finished a job that involved cutting concrete or producing concrete debris, there's a good chance that you want to clean up your tools before you leave. However, you can't just wash concrete into the sewers or any other water supply due to the fact that many localities have laws against this. If you wash concrete debris into the sewer, you run the risk of blocking the sewer and causing other problems. Instead, you will need to manage your concrete washout. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Take Large Items Back to Your Own Plant

The first step is dividing what you need to clean into two parts: the first are larger items that you should take back with you to your own plant, and the second are items that need to be washed on location. Larger items should be taken back to your own plant, such as concrete trucks and chutes, due to the fact that you will have better facilities for cleaning them and will be able to manage the washout more effectively. Smaller tools can be washed in a portable washout container that will keep any concrete debris from being washed into the sewers. This will allow you to stay in line with many local ordinances, although you should talk to the local government for more information.

If you do decide to clean smaller tools at the work site, try to have your washout station located on grass or some other plant life in order to further reduce the chances that the concrete wash will spread to the sewers. Allow the concrete to dry, and then pick it up by hand before leaving.

2. Watch During Rainstorms

Sometimes, you might not have a choice but to clean your tools or large materials during a rainstorm. This can be problematic because it could cause your washout container to overflow, negating its efficacy. In order to cope with this, you will need to provide adequate cover or commit to emptying the container much more regularly in order to stop overflowing from occurring.

3. Make Sure Your Washout Centers Are Located Far From Storm Drains

Many communities have laws about where your washout containers, portable or permanent, need to be located and how far they should be from any entries into the waterways. Check with your local government before proceeding. Expect a requirement of at least 50 feet away from any sewers.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in concrete washout solutions, such as CWS Colorado, LLC.