What Type Of Companies Can A Civil Engineer Work For?

When you are training to become a civil engineer, you might think the only place you can get work is either with your local city's planning office or with the state. This isn't true, however, and there are plenty of employment opportunities open to you and perhaps more than you might think. Here are some other companies and employment opportunities you might be interested in pursuing once you get your degree.

Cement Manufacturing

A civil engineer learns all about the different types of cement and what they are used for. You will learn exactly what goes into making each type of cement and how they work and what type of building or paving jobs they are used for. You can get employment at a cement manufacturing company to ensure quality and even help to bring advancements and better ways of mixing the cement to the company over time.

New Development Construction

A civil engineer can gain employment with construction companies due to their extensive knowledge in several areas. One particular area of importance is their knowledge of particle sizes of different types of soil. This knowledge is vitally important in new development construction where new houses or condo buildings are built where no building existed before. The knowledge of soil types can help to determine which combination of the different types of silt will make a better foundation for that area for a more stable building.


An interesting job for a civil engineer is working for one of the many railways in the United States. While much of the country is already covered in rail lines, extension lines are made on a regular basis and they do need regular maintenance. A civil engineer has the skills and knowledge in how the rails need to be placed to allow for expansion and retraction of the metal due to temperature changes. This keeps the trains safe from derailment.

Truss Companies

A civil engineer might decide to get a job with a truss company. These companies manufacture different types of trusses for bridges, homes and commercial buildings to ensure their structural strength. Trusses are used to hold the roof securely on a home or larger building and they are also used to provide the security to an expansion bridge or even a highway bridge that may hold hundreds of cars an hour. You will learn when to use a certain type of truss and how to calculate their strength to what they can hold.

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