4 Tips For Hiring The Right Painting Contractor To Paint Your Home

The exterior of a home is exposed to the sun's rays, wind, rain, and snow, so it is no surprise that the paint will eventually fade, crack, or peel. When this begins to happen, it is time to have your house painted. While it is technically possible to paint your house yourself, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced painting contractor. Since having your house painted can be a big financial investment, it is important to be prepared. Use the following tips to help you hire the best painting contractor to paint the outside of your house:

Get Quotes from Several Contractors

Like any home improvement project, it is always a good idea to get price quotes from several different painting contractors in your area. Look for a comprehensive quote that itemizes the expenses and shows the cost of both labor and materials. Be wary of a painting contractor who gives price quotes over the phone without even taking the time to look at your house.

Check License and Insurance

After narrowing down your painting contractor choices, take the time to verify their license and insurance coverage. While it may cost a little more, you should always hire a painting contractor who is licensed. You can typically verify a painting contractor's license by contacting your state's registrar of contractors. It is also essential to verify a painting contractor's insurance coverage-- the last thing you want is to be liable if the contractor is injured on your property or be out of luck if the contractor damages your home and doesn't have the proper insurance to cover the cost of repairs.

Ask for References

No one wants to pay good money to have their house painted poorly. To help prevent a shoddy job and to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you're hiring the right painting contractor, ask for references. After getting the contact information for references, actually call them and ask them about their experience having their home painted by the painting contractor that you are interested in hiring.

Get it in Writing

When hiring house painters, you always need to have a contract in place to protect both parties. The contract should include all costs, including taxes and other fees, exactly what is being painted, the brand and name of the paint being used for the job, and how long it will take for the job to be completed.