Four Advantages Of Regular Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning, like its name would suggest, can remove a blockage from your home's plumbing and get water flowing properly again. However, drain cleaning is not just for emergency situations:  scheduling a routine drain cleaning of your home's pipes even when there is no clog in the drain can have a number of benefits for your plumbing. Understanding the advantages associated with regular drain cleaning can help you decide if putting your home's plumbing system on a schedule is the right fit for your needs.

Odor Removal

Over time, your plumbing can begin to accumulate miniscule amounts of food waste, which can begin to rot and produce bacteria. These bacteria and tiny pieces of food can remain within your drain even when there is no clog, and can let a foul smell exit your drain and permeate the entire room. While you can mask the smell using air fresheners and other home remedies, the best solution is to have your drains completely cleaned to purge all bacteria and other debris which can contribute to the smell.

Plumbing Protection

Regular drain cleaning can also remove debris within your pipes which have not yet formed a full clog, but which are still reducing the rate of flow within your pipes. These half-clogs not only carry the risk of creating a full clog later on down the line, which can increase the risk of a plumbing leak or a similar sort of damage but can also increase the amount of pressure and stress that your plumbing experiences while it is still able to drain water. This can increase the general amount of stress that your plumbing experiences with normal use, making damage and repairs a more likely possibility.

Fewer Emergencies

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the fact that a regular drain cleaning schedule will greatly reduce the risk of you experiencing a clog at any point down the road, which means that you will have to face fewer situations where sewage is backing up into your home, a burst pipe is pouring water into your basement, or any other potentially expensive and complicated to fix plumbing issue that can result. This means that a regular drain cleaning schedule is a proactive way to keep your home safe from potential damage, and a sound financial decision: the cost of regular cleaning will be significantly less than repairing water damage, sewage leaks, and other forms of plumbing damage within the interior of your home.

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