Putting Off Gutter Repairs Because Of The Cost? Why Doing So Can Be An Expensive Mistake

Homeowners know that taking good care of their house is always the best plan. However, there are times in every household when a repair issue arises and the budget feels too tight to immediately schedule the needed repair. This is often true for gutter repairs, because unlike a non-working HVAC system or a leaking pipe, homeowners may not feel gutter repairs are critical. If you are one of the many homeowners across the nation with a home in need of gutter repair or replacement, the following information will help you understand the very costly reasons why you need to stop putting off this important work. 

Fixing your foundation can cost tens of thousands of dollars

One of the main jobs your gutters do is to protect your home's foundation from water damage. Concrete foundations are designed for strength and their ability to carry the load and downward pressure caused by the weight of your home's walls, roofing, furnishings, and the occupants who live there. It must also withstand the constant pressure of the soil around it.

When water from rainfall or melting snow and ice is allowed to free flow down the side of the home, the soil around the foundation quickly becomes saturated, creating additional pressure on the walls of the foundation. In addition, it can wash away some of the soil, creating pockets where water can pool and begin to saturate the concrete used to make the walls of the foundation. If not addressed quickly, homeowners can find themselves with facing expensive foundation repairs, which often include extensive digging, trenching, sealing, and leak repair processes. 

Mold is dangerous to live with and expensive to remove

When gutter repairs are neglected and water infiltrates the foundation or basement of the home, mold growth is another costly problem that may be created. The combination of warmth, moisture, and a supporting medium, like drywall, is all that mold spores need to take hold and grow exponentially. But the basement is not the only area of the home that is endangered when gutter repairs are not made. 

Gutters that are in disrepair may not allow water to flow and instead can cause it to pool in the damaged section of the gutter where it may then saturate surfaces at the roof line, including the soffit and the sheathing material underneath shingles. When this happens, moisture enters the walls and attic spaces of the home, creating a perfect environment for mold to form. 

Mold remediation, foundation repairs, and the renovations needed afterward cost much more than simple gutter repairs. If your home has developed gutter issues and you have been putting off the needed repairs, take a moment now to call on a reputable gutter repair service in your area and schedule the work to be done. Your home, your wallet, and maybe even your health can depend on it!