How to Beautify Your Concrete

When most homeowners think about exterior remodel projects, they imagine doing something to their actual building. That is, they might think about painting the walls or replacing the windows. Of course, these are very smart and rewarding projects, but they can also be quite expensive. The concrete around the outside of your house (like on the driveway and sidewalks) is another major component that you should consider upgrading. You can do several things to improve the aesthetics of your concrete surfaces. This article explains how you can smartly and affordably improve the style of your concrete.

Cleaning Your Concrete

Concrete is porous so it can absorb stains quite dramatically. Concrete on your driveway can absorb oil and the concrete around your landscaping can get stained from dirt and grass. You'll be surprised how much better both will look once they are thoroughly cleaned. A thorough concrete cleaning can really make your surface stand out.

Adding Color to Your Concrete

However, just having clean concrete isn't necessarily going to greatly improve the style of your exterior. Many people go a step further and add colorful finishes to their surfaces. With minimal effort, you can add concrete stains that make your surface look a little more unique. For example, a subtle brown stain can make your concrete look more earthy so that it blends in better with your landscaping and the natural foliage around your yard. One of the best things about adding color to your concrete is that it enables you to coordinate with the outside of your house. That is, you can choose a new finish that looks great with your existing home colors. This is a cheap and affordable way to add a little bit of cohesion to the outside of your property.

Using a Glossy Concrete

Some people don't want to just add color to the concrete, they also want to add a gloss to it. Having a gloss finish on your concrete is actually very effective because it makes the surface more water-resistant and protects it. Since it won't absorb moisture stains, glossy concrete is much easier to take care of. For example, oil will be easy to wipe off of your concrete before it absorbs into it. Of course, glossy concrete can be much more slippery, so you need to be careful on steep surfaces in wet climates.

It is never a bad idea to beautify your concrete, so talk to a contractor like Kavin Construction to get started.