Maintenance Tips And Improvements To Stop Problems With Clogged Drain Lines In Household Plumbing

One of the most frustrating problems that you can have with the plumbing in your home is clogged drains. Sometimes, these problems can easily be solved if you know what is causing them. There are also improvements that can help prevent drain lines from becoming blocked. The following maintenance tips and improvements will help stop problems with clogged lines of plumbing in your home.

Keep Kitchen Drains Clear with Boiling Water and Homemade Natural Drain Cleaners

The kitchen sink is an area where food, grease, and fat residues go down the drain. Over time, this residue builds up on the walls of pipes. To prevent this grime on the walls of pipes from causing clogged drains, use boiling water to wash it down the plumbing. In addition, you may also want to occasionally try homemade drain cleaning solutions to clear blockages, such as baking soda and vinegar.

Install A Sewer Grinding Pump to Deal with Waste in Lower Plumbing and Basements

There are some areas of your home where the plumbing may need the aid of a pump to reach the sewer line outside. This is a common problem with the plumbing in basements, which require sump pumps. If you have a problem with plumbing drains that are lower, consider having a sewage grinding pump installed to prevent plumbing waste from clogging pipes.

Invest in A Good Plumber's Snake and Know How To Use It Correctly

A plumber's snake or pipe auger is a special tool that is used to clear blockages from drains before they get deep in lines. It is important to invest in a good pipe auger to be able to solve clogged drain problems. In addition, in areas with an overfill, like a bathtub or sink, make sure the tool goes in the right pipe to remove whatever is clogging the drain.

Regular Sewer and Septic Tank Maintenance to Prevent Clogged Household Plumbing

Sometimes, the problems with plumbing may start outside of your home and be related to problems with sewer lines and septic systems. If you have a septic system, make sure that the tank is pumped regularly and inspected to avoid problems. For sewer lines, make sure that there are not any tree roots near them and replace outdated materials that could fail.

These are some tips that will help you prevent problems with clogged lines of the plumbing in your home. If your plumbing continuously becomes stopped up, contact a plumbing supply store like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company to get the materials you need to fix the problem.