3 Benefits Of A Cast Concrete Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit can add character to your outdoor space. A fire pit can keep you warm as you sit by it on a cool night, can give off lighting and create ambiance when you host an outdoor party, or is a place where your kids can roast marshmallows or hot dogs on a summer night. If you are looking to have an outdoor fire pit constructed, one of the first decisions you have to make is what material the fire pit should be constructed from. One of the materials you can use is cast concrete. Here are three benefits of a cast concrete outdoor fire pit. 

Benefit 1: You Don't Have to Use a Metal Liner

One of the benefits associated with a cast concrete outdoor fire pit is that you do not have to use a metal liner. When you use concrete, you have the option of using fire bricks in lieu of a metal liner. Not every material you can build an outdoor fire pit from will work with fire bricks. One of the drawbacks to metal liners is that they can begin to rust as they are exposed to the elements. It can be costly to have to replace your liner often. Having the ability to use fire bricks instead of a metal liner can help you save money and limit the amount of repairs your fireplace may need in the future. 

Benefit 2: Concrete Can Be Made to Look Like More Expensive Materials

Another benefit to using cast concrete is that cast concrete can be made to look like more expensive materials. For example, natural stone is another option that you can have an outdoor fire pit constructed from. However, natural stone is expensive. If you love the look of stone, but do not want to spend that much money, concrete can be stamped and painted to mimic the look of a more expensive natural stone fire pit. 

Benefit 3: There is a Thick Buffer Between You and the Heat

The last benefit to using cast concrete for your outdoor fire pit is that concrete creates a thick buffer between you and the heat of the fire. This can help to keep your family safe when they are standing around the fire pit. Metal fire pits can get hot when the fire is going and can cause burns if your child touches the metal ring. This isn't a concern with cast concrete fire pits. 

When you are looking to install an outdoor fire pit, there are many benefits with having yours constructed from cast concrete. Contact an outdoor fire pit construction company today to learn more about getting started installing a cast concrete outdoor fire pit in your outdoor space.