Stabilize Your Mailbox

If you have some extra bricks left over from a masonry project that was completed on your property, put them to good use by building a structure that will stabilize your metal mailbox. No longer will you need to worry about the box tipping over during windy conditions, and the new addition will add a stylish touch to the edge of your property.


  • measuring tape
  • wooden boards
  • a hammer
  • nails
  • a shovel
  • a level
  • concrete mix
  • a bucket 
  • water
  • a trowel
  • mortar mix
  • bricks
  • mailbox and pole
  • dirt

Build A Frame And Fill It With Concrete

Concrete will be used as a platform that supports the brick structure that will be surrounding the mailbox's pole. You should take measurements to assist with determining how wide and tall the brick structure should be so that it will sufficiently surround the mailbox without covering its metal door. Use these measurements to assist you with constructing a wooden base that contains four narrow planks.

Remove the mailbox from the ground by pulling its metal pole loose and place it to the side of your work area. Dig a hole in the area where the mailbox will be displayed. The hole needs to be large enough to support the wooden frame.

Press the frame into the ground and make sure that it is laid evenly by placing a level along each wooden side. Use water and concrete mix to form a paste. Pour the concrete into the center of the wooden base. Use a hand trowel to smooth out the concrete. Allow a day or so for the concrete to dry.

Add Alternating Rows Of Bricks

Most brickwork involves using an overlapping pattern. The headers (the narrow sides of the bricks) and the stretchers (the long sides of the bricks) are used to create each row. The header and stretcher layout that is used should alternate between rows. This will create the offset pattern that brick masonry is known for.

Use an equal amount of mortar mix and sand to create the mortar. Add water to the mixture and blend it. Apply mortar to the concrete base and install a row of bricks on top of the mortar. Be sure to only create an outline, since the central part of the structure will be used to house the mailbox's pole.

Once the structure is a sufficient height and the mortar has dried, insert the box's pole through the center of the hole. Use cement to secure the bottom of the mailbox to the top row of bricks. Use dirt to fill the hole. The dirt will hold the metal pole in place.

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