The Benefits Of Infrared Commercial Roofing Inspections

Traditionally, commercial roof inspections have been completed by a roofer walking around the perimeter of your commercial building while looking up at the roof, examining the underside of the roof and walking on the roof, inspecting the roof. However, thanks to technology, the way commercial roof inspections are completed is changing. Infrared roofing inspections can help to reveal a lot about a commercial roof. Here are the benefits of having an infrared commercial roofing inspection completed.

Infrared Inspections Can Be Done without a Roofer Going on Your Roof

One of the benefits associated with having an infrared inspection completed on your roof is that a roofer never has to set foot on your roof. Pictures can be taken on the underside of your roof and/or a drone can fly above your commercial roof taking pictures. Commercial roofs are more susceptible to damage caused by walking on them then residential roofs so not having someone walk across the roof can help to protect your roof from damage. An infrared inspection also prevents a roofer from being exposed to icy or slick, and potentially dangerous, roofs. 

Infrared Inspections Can Accurately Find All Problem Areas on Your Roof

Another benefit associated with having an infrared commercial roofing inspection is that the cameras can more accurately find problem areas on your roof. An infrared camera measures temperature variations in the roof, caused by cracked, damaged or leaking roof areas. A human roofer can make mistakes and may miss problems, especially in their very early stages. Catching problems early allows you to make the needed repairs before more damage occurs. 

Infrared Inspections Can Pinpoint Where Problems Exist on Your Roof

The final benefit associated with having an infrared commercial roofing inspection done is that the infrared inspection can pinpoint exactly where the problems exist within your roof. A roofer may see a crack or a leak, but they may not be able to tell how extensive the issue is and what repairs are needed until they pull roofing materials off. The camera can show whether a leak goes straight down, or to the left or right side and how extensive the damage is. This allows for better repair estimates and helps a roofing company have the right materials on-hand to make the needed repairs. 

A commercial infrared roofing inspection can help to find all of the problem areas on your roof and where they exist, without a roofer ever having to set foot on your roof. This can help to extend the life of your roof, ensure your roof is properly maintained and help to more accurately find and repair problem areas. If your commercial roof is due for an inspection, consider utilizing a commercial roofing company that offers infrared roofing inspections.