How To Do A Big Remodel On A Small Budget

So you'd love to add another room to your house or completely remodel or renovate an existing room. That's great, but there's just one problem: your bank account doesn't want to cooperate. If you have big ideas for a remodel but don't have the budget to make those dreams come true, you'll have to be practical as you move forward. To that end, here are a few tips to keep in mind when tackling a bigger remodel on a smaller budget.

Take Your Time Creating a Blueprint or Plan in Order to Avoid Costly Mistakes or Re-Do's Later

One of the easiest ways to run over budget on your remodel is to change your mind halfway through the project once it starts coming together and make a change that will require additional labor or different materials. A remodeling job is not something that should be rushed. Take the time to talk to every applicable family member about what they want out of the remodel and come up with a sensible plan. Get the planning stage right the first time, and you can make it to the finish line with your wallet intact.

Get Multiple Bids and Remember That Quality Matters

There are likely multiple decent contractors in your area who can handle this job, but you won't know what the exact price will be until you start asking. Most remodeling contractors know that homeowners are going to get multiple bids, it's just part of the business. This will help them keep their bid as low as possible and to your benefit.

That said, you should know that the cost of labor isn't everything. Quality matters, too. Sure, you can save a few bucks booking a less experienced contractor, but if the work isn't to your liking, you're going to have to hire someone else to fix it anyway and then you're over-budget.

Ask Your Contractor to Help You Choose Your Layout or Materials

A remodeling contractor has likely helped dozens or even hundreds of other homeowners just like you. They've likely seen a wide variety of different ways to save money on these jobs. That means that the easiest way to keep your costs down might be to just ask your contractor for help. They could help you adjust your layout or material choice in a way that represents significant savings without dramatically reducing the quality of the work.

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