Rusting Pool? What You Can Do

If your pool is beginning to rust, it will eventually be a problem for you. If the walls are rusting, the rust can eat through and the walls won't be strong enough to hold the water inside. It eventually will blow apart, leaving you with a watery mess in your backyard. If the rails are rusting, these can also become an issue. The rails hang over your pool and that rust can fall into your pool and put holes in your liner. It's also dangerous for anyone swimming in your pool, as they may sustain cuts from the rusted pieces. If your pool is beginning to rust, there are things you can do. Read on for helpful information.

Rusted Walls

If the walls of your pool are starting to rust, you can attempt to make the repair yourself if it isn't too bad and isn't all the way through the wall. Use a course grit piece of sandpaper and rough up the rusted area. Check to be sure there isn't a hole all the way through the wall. If there isn't, proceed. If there is, you need to get a new pool wall, as your pool is now dangerous. Take a fine grit piece of sandpaper and sand down the rusted area to smooth it out. Once smooth, use a paint protectant to prevent rust, such as Rustoleum and paint the area and blend it in with the rest of your pool wall (or paint the entire pool so it all matches).

Rusted Rails

If your rails are rusting either on the topside, or on the underside, you can remove the rails one at a time so as to not compromise the pool, then use sandpaper to smooth the area. First use course grit, then fine grit so you remove much of the rust and smooth it out. Use Rustoleum to spray paint the area and protect it from rusting any further. Make sure you use a paint the won't breakdown from the water or chlorine. Look for paint that is specifically used for swimming pools. Replace the rail, then repeat on the next rusted rail. If your rails are in really bad shape, you can find new rails at your local swimming pool supply store and replace any rails that are in very bad shape.

If your pool is in very bad shape, it may be time for a new swimming pool. If you need help with any other repairs, talk to a swimming pool repairman about making the repairs for you. These are just a few ways your pool may shows signs of needed repair. If you have other concerns, then you can visit sites like All-American Pools with more questions.