How To Prepare For A Construction Project

Construction projects require a lot of attention, and it's important to prepare in a manner that'll assure the success of the effort. More goes into prepping that just hiring a construction services firm to do the job. Keep an eye on these four issues to make sure your project will be pointed in the right direction.


Nothing quite attracts the attention of a code enforcement officer like the start of construction work. It's critical to line up the dates for your crew with what's on your application for a permit. You don't want to be conducting work without a permit or paying folks to wait while the paperwork goes through. Contact your local compliance office to find out what the requirements and fees are for building at your site.

Make sure your planned use for the site matches with zoning laws, too. If you need a variance, be prepared to go before your municipal council to ask for it.

Engineering Surveys

The ground you'll be building on needs to be suitable for construction and associated equipment. Conduct engineering surveys to find out if the terrain is right for what you're planning. Even if you encounter problems, it may still be possible to proceed once the earth has been remediated to support your project.


It's important to get all work on utilities straightened out before construction begins. This is especially the case with any water and sewer lines that have to connect to the property. Contact the utility companies to find out what's already available at the site. If you're in a spot where utilities haven't previously been run, you may have to pay to have them set up. Look closely at the planned building's layout to determine where the best spot for utilities will be. Also, be prepared to make some adjustments in order to accommodate utility access.

Financing and Contracts

Sorting out the money end of things early makes a difference. If you're getting financing for the project, talk with your bank or credit union about setting up a tranche. This is a structured approach to activating the loan in segments in connection with the construction team meeting certain benchmarks. The contract should be set up accordingly, ensuring that money flows in at different phases of the project start. Make sure to include about 10 to 20 percent over the projected budget to account for unexpected issues, too.

To learn more, contact a construction company.