Things To Know About A Blacktop Driveway

A dirt driveway that hasn't been properly paved might be convenient, but it can leave vehicle tires muddy when it rains. Even when the dirt isn't saturated with rainwater, it can continuously leave a vehicle covered in dirt, as the grains can drift around in the air. One of the other cons of having a driveway that is made of dirt is that it can decrease curb appeal and make it seem as though a homeowner doesn't take care of the exterior of their house. If you want to get your driveway paved in an affordable and fast manner, asphalt might be a material that is worth considering. A blacktop driveway consists of asphalt, and it can be an appealing aspect to the exterior of your house.

How a Blacktop Pavement Differs from Asphalt

There isn't a major difference between a blacktop and asphalt pavement, as they are basically the same. Blacktop pavements are often used for residential and private needs, while asphalt is more suitable for commercial use, such as parking lots. Blacktop pavements consist of stones and asphalt, just as the ones that are simply known as asphalt pavements. Basically, both pavement types consist of bitumen and crushed stones, but there is less asphalt in blacktop pavement. Adding more stones to the mixture is a way to make it more appealing, which is why it is ideal for your driveway.

How You Can Maintain a Blacktop Driveway

The most detrimental element to a blacktop driveway is the sun, as it can make the asphalt excessively hot. The bad thing about hot asphalt is that it becomes soft, which means that your vehicle can cause it to become flat as time passes by. You can control the temperature of your blacktop driveway by placing a carport over it to shield it from the sun. Another thing that you can do for maintenance is to take care of cracks when they develop by filling them in with more asphalt. An asphalt paving company can fill the cracks in for you.

When a New Pavement Might Be Needed

You will not have to replace your blacktop driveway for a while after it has been constructed. However, if a large portion of the pavement becomes flat, getting it reconstructed is likely the best way to resolve the problem. The good thing about asphalt pavements is that they can be constructed in a speedy amount of time.

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